50 Different Sauces

From our award winning Acid Rain to Cryin’ Hawaiian and Habanero Sweet Barbecue, there’s something for everyone.


  1. Wunder Sauce – This sauce embodies traditional BBQ and Carolina mustard flavors together to create something new.
  2. Foghorn’s Medium – Can’t handle the heat but like the flavor? This sauce is for you.
  3. * Foghorn’s Hot – Our traditional buffalo sauce, a nice balance of heat and flavor.
  4. **Acid Rain – Our most popular hot sauce, Good heat, Great flavor.
  5. * **Atomic – An explosion of heat but not the hottest!
  6. * ***Volcanic – Our hottest sauce, erupting with enough habaneros to make you sweat.
  7. * *** Cryin’ Hawaiian – A sweet pineapple taste followed by a kick in the pants habanero flavor.
  8. * Chipotle Curry– A traditional curry flavor with a chipotle kick.
  9. Lemon pepper – Zesty Lemon with ground peppercorns.
  10. Robust Italian – Bold and tasty. Classic Italian flavor with a touch of crushed peppercorns.
  11. Mahogany – Uniquely blended sauce with a sweet smoky flavor.
  12. * Sweet and spicy – A Foghorn’s favorite.  A honey sweet buffalo sauce with a little extra spice.
  13. Barbecue – A traditional smoky BBQ, no sweet, no spice, all smoke.
  14. Honey Barbecue – Sweetened with Honey, this barbeque sauce is a long time Foghorn’s favorite.
  15. * Hot Honey Barbecue – A southern favorite, all the sweet and spicy you could want in a BBQ sauce.
  16. Honey Mustard – Not your typical Honey Mustard, this sauce is blended in-house to create a distinguished taste.
  1. * Hot Honey Mustard – Our house blended honey mustard with a kick that will not leave your taste buds disappointed.
  2. * *Smokin’ Hot Habanero – The name explains it! Smoky habanero’s in our refined buffalo sauce.
  3. Garlic Parmesan – A tasty blend of garlic and parmesan in a buttery base.
  4. * *Honey Wasabi – A creamy wasabi paste unified with honey.
  5. Raspberry Chipotle – Raspberry flavor with a touch of heat.
  6. Teriyaki – A sweet taste of Asian cuisine.
  7. Sweet and Sour – A little sweet, a little sour, a whole lot of good.
  8. * *Peach BBQ – A homemade barbeque sauce with an infusion of sweet peachiness.
  9. Sweet BBQ- Rich and tasty. Like our other sauces, this is made in-house with a masterful blend of great flavors!
  10. Loco Coconut – Go crazy with a cool taste of paradise.
  11. * **Habanero Sweet BBQ – Our homemade sweet barbecue sauce with a punch of habanero!
  12. * ***Cajun – As flavorful as it is hot, this sauce is sure to satisfy your Cajun cravings.
  13. **Jalapeno Ranch – A fresh jalapeno ranch sauce that will make you feel alive.
  14. Southern Ranch – This amazing combination of BBQ and ranch will satisfy all your cravings .
  15. * Chile Tequila Lime – A tequila lime sauce with an infusion of Chile peppers.
  16. * *Kung Fu – A bold Asian glaze that packs a spicy kick for your mouth.
  17. Death By Bacon – Are you a bacon lover? If so, we’ve got the sauce that leaves you squealin’ for the feelin’.
  1. * Spicy Peanut Butter – Rich peanut butter blended into a smooth spicy sauce.
  2. ****Habanero Rain – Our best selling sauce loaded with habanero peppers.
  3. Caribbean jerk – Ya Mon, the jammin’ taste of Jamaica, one of our most popular sauces.
  4. * Honey Chipotle BBQ – Classic blend of BBQ and chipotle flavors with a sweet and bold kick.
  5. * Spicy Teriyaki – A flavorful mixture of teriyaki with a spicy buffalo kick.
  6. * Buffalo Blue– Traditional at heart this sauce is for blue cheese and buffalo lovers.
  7. * *Habanero Honey – The spicy taste of habaneros with the sweet taste of honey.
  8. Bourbon glaze – Kentucky bourbon blended into a tasty sauce.
  9. ***** Ghost Pepper Punch– A blend of our own Habanero Rain and Volcanic sauces with a serious ghost pepper punch!
  10. Gold – A Foghorn’s favorite, all the sweet tanginess of mustard seeds and Smokey BBQ sauce.
  11. * Spicy Gold – It wouldn’t be Foghorn’s if we didn’t make it hot now would it?
  12. * Jalapeno Cheddar – Na-cho typical sauce, and definitely for the cheese lover.
  13. * Buffalo BBQ – Torn between Buffalo sauce and BBQ?  This sauce is for you.
  14. * *Cayenne ranch – This sauce takes away the need to dip each wing in ranch, a serious Foghorn’s favorite
  15. * Chipotle Mango – A rich chipotle habanero sauce with mango flavor for a medium heat and a touch of sweet.
  16. * *Spicy Garlic Parmesan – If you like Garlic Parmesan, try spicing it up.  We think you’ll love it.
  17. BBQ’D Blueberry – It’s hard to keep ’em on the grill, but we did it and turned it into a great sauce.

*= Hot or Spicy Flavor

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